MAF Experiment- Week 26

The MAF base building phase has ended, and a new training block has begun. This week I will share my plan for my build to the summer races.

Here is the video recap of the week

First, I will start by letting you know that the strength portion of my work did not change.  Tuesday and Friday are “pull” days.  Wednesday and Saturday are “push” days.  Sunday is still leg day.

The Plan

Tuesday- 30-minute MAF bike ride (6 x 4 minutes in the biggest gear, 1 minute easy spin)

Wednesday- 30-minute tempo run (6 x 4 minutes at a certain pace, 1 minute recovery)

Friday- 30-minute MAF bike ride

Saturday- 60-minute MAF ride, 15-minute MAF run

Sunday- 45-minute MAF run

**Swim will be done either on Saturday or Sunday depending upon timing

This plan is very open to changes.  I originally was going to do the 45 –minute long run right after the 60-minute long bike on Saturday, but I saw somewhere that it was better to split them.  That is one possible change.  Another change I am looking into is to put Tuesday’s bike on Friday.  Then, I would do a harder interval on Tuesday.  I am on Spring Break this week, so I have more freedom to try out that timing.  If it works, then I will probably make the change.

The First Week

Tuesday’s bike was one that I did during the last block.  I put this one at the beginning of the week because I was not sure how the tempo run would go and I wanted my legs to be as fresh as possible.  As stated earlier, I am going to try a different interval on Tuesday and see how the timing works out.

Remember, these are virtual miles and my reading is not perfectly calibrated.

I am still sore from Wednesday.  To be fair, most of the soreness is not from the tempo run, but from my first time downhill skiing since college (and that was my only other time, ever).  I was going to set the tempo pace to just below my race pace from last summer, 6:45 minute miles.  The night before, I changed my mind, thinking that would kill me, and I set the goal to 7:00-7:15 miles.  I started off great with a 6:52 pace for my first 4-minute interval and it went downhill after that.  My sixth, and final, interval was 7:24.  Looking back, that is not bad for my first run since November.  I could definitely tell that I used a different system, other than the MAF fat burning system, because the strength portion of the morning felt harder.

Here are the splits from my first Wednesday tempo run

After really trying every recover strategy in my possession, I still ended up starting my MAF bike ride worried about how my VERY sore legs would do.  They were just fine on the bike and I was able to continue with the great numbers I had from my MAF bike block.  Walking around school later in the day was a different story.

This was par for the course for a Friday MAF ride

Winter weather had me adjusting my plan for the weekend.  Ice and snow overnight Saturday made running on Sunday not safe.  I did my 60-minute MAF bike just like I have been doing for the past three months.  It was a bit harder than last week, but I still managed good numbers.  I decided to try for a 30-minute MAF run off the bike to count as my “long” run of the week.  Boy, were my legs heavy.  I had a lot of trouble keeping my heart rate at the MAF threshold, and finally gave up.  It worked much better to go more by feeling for the “easy” run.  I managed the thirty minutes, and probably could have done the full forty-five that I want my long runs to be.

On Sunday, I did a harder interval on the bike.  I was hoping to start swimming this week, but timing did not pan out.  I will get started with that next week.

That is my experience from the first week of the new block.  I will get back to the other highlights next week.  Have a great week of training!

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