MAF Experiment- Week 21

Snapshot of this week’s ideas:  Workout highlight: Cross country skiing.  Food highlight: Trace minerals.  Words of Wisdom highlight: Go heavy

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MAF Update:

Brrr, and this was the “nice” morning

This cold weather is driving me crazy.  Yes, I know that I live in Minnesota and it is to be expected, and I can live with it to a point.  I was having some great progress on my rides, but, this week, the cold weather is messing with my heart rate.  My legs feel ok to try to push harder, but my heart rate hits the cap of 142 beats before I can get to that hard pace.  Saturday was a bit warmer and I put up my best hour ride in a long time.   I am hoping that when the weather warms up a bit (seriously, above zero would be great!), that my heart rate will mesh with my pace more consistently. 

This week’s work:

Tuesday- 30-minute ride for 13.6 virtual miles

Wednesday- 30-minute ride for 15.05 virtual miles. (6 x 4 minutes in the biggest gear, 1 minute easy spin)

Friday- 30-minute ride for 13.78 virtual miles.

Saturday- 60-minute ride for 28.13 virtual miles.

Sunday- 30-minute ride of speed work. 3 x (5 min. of 20 sec. on and 10 sec. easy followed by 5 minutes at MAF)

Nutrition Highlight:

One of my daily habits is to put Ionic Plant Minerals in my water.  I put the teaspoon serving size in my gallon water jug that I use each day.  The jug help me make sure I am getting at least a gallon in each day.  Plus, diluting the minerals in the water helps me get their benefits throughout the day.

Tasty, and body-balancing

I saw this idea in Tom Brady’s TB12 book.  Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his longevity and results.  I was given the book as a gift and found some of these great ideas to try.  When working out, our bodies become acidic.  Getting these minerals in my system throughout the day helps to get my body back to an alkaline state.  There is no scientific research to back the theory that an alkaline state is better than an acidic one.  I just know that I can get these into my body and I feel better.  It is one of my recovery tools.

Workout Highlight:

Some outdoor family fun

I have talked about variety in workouts.  I also like trying different activities with the family to get out and get moving.  Our latest adventures have revolved around cross country skiing.  There are a lot of benefits to cross country skiing, but the part I like the best is just being out in nature with the family.  Plus, going down the hills is pretty fun, too.  If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, there are a lot of great place to go.  We have been trying out the Carver Parks system; Baylor Park and Minnewashta Park have great trails.  We have a couple pairs of skis, so it only costs us $10 total to rent pairs for the kids.  That is a great price for a little outdoor fun.

Wisdom of the Week:

“Go Heavy.” – Inky Johnson

To do this idea justice, you should really click the link above and watch the quick video.  I will give you my takeaway, though.  In his story, Inky and his son are riding a 4-wheeler.  “Go heavy” means to go faster.  At one point, his son gets signals crossed and rolls the vehicle.  Inky’s wife is running to check on them and Inky gets his son up and back on the vehicle.  He tells him to “go heavy” before his wife can get there.  As he tells it, if he let his wife get there, she would have done what any mother would do, make sure everything was alright.  She would not have let him back on.  Inky says he needed to get his son back on and going so that it would not beat him.

I love this story because we all face challenges.  Our reaction to those challenges is what defines us.  Are we going to quit and give up, or are we going to get back up and try again?  I have tough days as school, tough races, and training that does not go perfectly.  My attitude could be to wallow in the things that did not go right, but that would do absolutely no good.  I need to get up, dust off, and “go heavy.”  I need to give it everything I have got so that the adversity does not beat me.

This week, don’t let adversity beat you.  Get up, dust off, and give it all you’ve got.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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