MAF Experiment- Week 17

Snapshot of this week’s ideas:  Workout highlight: Freez’n for a Reason.  Food highlight: Some blue-green algae.  Words of Wisdom highlight: A little biblical reflection…learn first.

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MAF Update:

First two rides of the week were not what I wanted to see after a month of MAF training on the bike.  I decided that my MAF running heart rate cap of 142 is going to be what I work with on the bike too.  Some places online said to drop the cap by 10 on the bike and others say that “MAF is MAF” regardless of whether running or biking.  The comparisons do not match up well from the first half of the week to the weekend.  Going forward, they will all be the same heart rate.

This week’s work:

Tuesday- 30-minute ride for 13.53 virtual miles

Wednesday- 30-minute ride for 13.44 virtual miles.

Friday- 20-minute ride for 9.36 virtual miles.

Saturday- 45-minute ride for 20.38 miles.

Sunday- 30-minute ride for 13.7 virtual miles.

Food Highlight:

Let’s talk algae, blue-green algae to be exact.  Spirulina is a superfood with great upside, but bad taste.  I used to make oatmeal and mix in spirulina.  My “green oatmeal,” as was its name around my house, was not very tasty.  I put up with it because of the nutrients I was getting.  It has been so long, that I can’t even remember all the things I mixed into that oatmeal.  I don’t know how I did it for so long, but there is no way I could go back to eating that again because it tasted so bad.

Making some spirulina pills, and a mess.

I have left that container of Spirulina sit for a long time, but have now found a renewed interest.  Aside from its other health benefits, Spirulina can help your body maintain a healthy ph-level because it is alkalizing.  It also contains chlorophyll, hence the green color, which can help remove toxins that might be hiding in other foods.  Since I can’t handle mixing that taste in with foods, I make pills out of it.  My lovely wife bought a kit for making your own pills.  Two of the capsules I make are roughly one serving size.  I am trying to be good, but am so out of the habit that I tend to forget, and take them at least once a day.

Workout Highlight:

I wrote an earlier blog called “Uncomfortable is Good” where I mentioned taking cold showers.  I have not used the hot water in a long time.  Crazy?  A little.  Beneficial?  Absolutely.  There are some great benefits to taking cold showers.  I am definitely awake and ready to tackle the day after my cold shower.  It is also great for reducing soreness after workouts and increasing circulation.  Google “cold immersion” and you will see a wealth of research out there to convince you to give it a try. 

You will be uncomfortable, but that is good.  Aside from the health benefits, it is great for mental toughness.  Doing hard things, like a cold shower, can help build resilience.  By putting your body through a little cold stress, you can enhance your brain’s ability to deal with other stress throughout your day.

Cannonballing into some cold water

Since we are on the topic of cold water, I have to throw in a plug for the Polar Plunge.  In Minnesota, we jump in holes in frozen lakes to raise money for Special Olympics.  There is a Plunge in my town on February 12.  I am just going to throw out my link in case anyone is feeling extra generous and would link to donate.  My son is doing it as well and would love any support through his link as well.

Wisdom of the Week:

I’m going biblical this week.  This week’s wisdom comes from the book of Sirach 18:19… “Before you speak, learn.”

The first thing that hit me when I heard this verse was all the loud voices that have been shouting lately.  No, not voices in my head, but people who feel they need to yell loudly to make sure their idea is heard and acknowledged as good or right.  I know I have mentioned this before, but I am bothered by the lack of respect shown these days.  It is “me, me, me” and no thought is given to others.  Whether it is politics, healthcare, or education, everyone’s an expert and needs to shout it out so everyone knows it.  If people, me included, would take the time to learn where others are coming from, they might not be so quick to judge, or at least loudly belittle them

This verse is also something I need to take to heart in my classroom and as a father.  Before I let frustration get the better of me, I need to learn what is causing the behavior that is bothering me.  There are times where medications have worn off and behavior can’t be helped.  Sometimes, something is important to a child that is not important to what we are doing and I need to acknowledge that before moving on.  If I learn the root of the issue before reacting to it, I can save a lot of trouble and anxiety by all involved.  It is not easy, but it can be done.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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