MAF Experiment- Week 10 (MAF test, chilly temps, local eggs, and a dash of kindness)

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MAF Update:

“The process” has officially finished its second month.  I did my third MAF test on Tuesday and came away with nothing major like between the start and month one.  All splits were slower this month, but I am not sure on the accuracy of my first two tests that were done with my old, cheap GPS watch. Now I am using a Garmin, so perhaps the results are more reliable.  We will see what the next, and final, MAF test shows. Here are my MAF test times stacked up next to each other.

Chilly temps so the hat had to come out

Mile                 Start                Month 1          Month 2

1                      7:45                 7:06                 7:30    

2                      8:26                 7:46                 7:48

3                      8:55                 7:43                 7:53

Here are my run distances and paces for the week:

Tuesday- 5.02 miles at 7:48 pace

Wednesday- 2.6 miles at 7:39 pace

Friday- 2.6 miles at 7:40 pace

Saturday- 7.51 miles at 8:07 pace

Sunday- 2.61 miles at 7:44 pace

Food Highlight:

Look at those yellow yolks

Eggs are all they are cracked up to be.  Let me add a disclaimer to that…eggs from locally raised chickens are what I am talking about.  We get our eggs from a family near our home.  You can see the difference in these eggs versus the factory farm eggs.  Local eggs have many health benefits that you can’t find in other eggs.  Back in the day, people thought you should stay away from eggs because they are bad for your cholesterol.  That is not necessarily true, especially for non-factory farm eggs. 

I like to eat eggs, and I make them in a few different ways.  Sometimes I scramble them and mix them with vegetables.  Most often, I whip them like scrambled eggs, but then let them cook into an “egg pancake.”  With the “pancake,” I can stuff other good things in the middle, like hummus.  Whichever way you prefer to cook them, try to make sure you find, and enjoy, some good quality eggs.

Workout Highlight:

A good, but not expensive, pair of Bluetooth earbuds

It is time to cut the cord.  Working out with music is a must, but it is annoying to deal with the cord hanging out of your pocket.  It is also a pain to try to make sure you don’t smash your phone.  I know I am not going to share anything new, but having Bluetooth earbuds for your workout is so nice.  I can just set my phone to the side and take care of business in the weight room (aka my garage).  It is also better to run without having the cord bouncing all over.  If you search Amazon, you can find a pair for a very reasonable price.

Wisdom of the Week:

It was National Kindness Week last week.  As we celebrated it at school, I could not help but wonder why there has to be a week set aside to celebrate kindness.  We should celebrate kindness 24/7/365.  (All day, every day.)  It is unfortunate that some today feel the need to have their point heard is more important treating others with decency.  Right, or wrong, their voice needs to be heard.  I completely understand having a difference of opinion.  I welcome that, but I don’t welcome the disrespect that some choose to treat those who don’t feel the same as they do. 

This is not a pro-mask/anti-mask rant or a vaccine sales pitch.  I believe that wearing a mask helps slow down the spread of COVID, but I understand the choice of some not to wear masks as they are following the CDC recommendations.  I don’t get those who are choosing to put others at risk because of their own selfishness.  Human decency should be the norm, not something we celebrate for one week out of the year. 

Take some time this week, and every week, to find ways to brighten someone’s day.  That smile will fuel your day with positivity.

Challenge for the week: Choose Kind. (A fun video from the book Wonder)

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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