MAF Experiment- Week 9 (More miles and some gut health)

Miles, miles, and more miles.  Plus some gut health this week.

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MAF Update:

I know that I have to “trust the process,” but my brain still does not stick to that.  Even after two months of this, my competitive brain does not like the numbers it sees all the time.  Some runs had better pace this week and others did not, particularly Sunday’s.  On the runs, I feel like I am getting into a groove at a great pace and then I look at my heart rate and it is over.  It was frustrating to have to slow down so much on my runs at the end of the week.  Another frustrating side of this type of training is that I finish and am not really even breathing hard.  I am sure that is a good thing, but I am sadistic in the fact that I like to be spent at the end of workouts. 

One thing I do see daily is that my resting heart rate is crazy low.  It has been between 36 and 45.  I know that December will bring a switch to the bike and it will take more effort to keep my heart rate at MAF.  We will see what the MAF test on Tuesday says about the process.  I am not expecting the huge gains I had last time, but we will have to wait and see.

Here are my run distances and paces for the week:

Tuesday- 5.01 miles at 7:50 pace

Wednesday- 2.6 miles at 7:33 pace

Friday- 2.57 miles at 7:44 pace

Saturday- 7.51 miles at 8:20 pace

Sunday- 2.61 miles at 7:53 pace

Food Highlight:

This week brings a note about gut health.  I love my kombucha and have it every day.  Making my own kombucha helps to cut down on the cost.  Check out a complete blog post I wrote earlier about it.

Workout Highlight:

The core is where it is at this week.  The training block I am on now is a split session.  Runs are in the afternoon so I can see my heart monitor and strength is in the morning.  I am using core exercises as a warm up.  I have not ever done this much core work!  Core gets forgotten because the focus is on the lifts that get you stronger and more toned.  DON’T FORGET THE CORE!  It is essential to all the other lifts.  You need that strong foundation to be able to perform at your best.  I have been doing a super-set of three exercises for three sets.  Some of the exercises I mix in are the ab wheel, plank variations, leg raises, and Russian twists.  Always remember, good form starts in the (your) middle.

Wisdom of the Week:

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.  I have talked about perspective driving performance.  If you have a goal, be it weight loss, better performance, strength, or something else, you have to work for it.  Nothing comes for free.  If you have that goal, get your mind set to work for it.  That is the idea of this blog; to give updates on my progress toward my goal of being a better triathlete.  Sure, I could sleep an extra hour in the mornings, but I choose to get up and get the work in.  I embrace the process.  Who knows, after a while, you might actually get hooked on the feeling of accomplishment that comes from the hard work.

Put in the work and trust the process.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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