MAF Update- Week 7 (No update, just some fun)

There is nothing to reprort for my MAF training from week 6. I was unable to get runs in Monday and Tuesday because of partent/teacher conferences. The rest of the week was less about being busy and more about having fun. The family took a trip to Disneyland to celebrate our 15th anniversary and both children having golden birthdays this fall.

Sorry about the selfies. I hate selfies, but tried to leave the kids out of it. Also, there is not going to be a video this week.

Having some family fun this week

MAF Update:

No training numbers to report; just fun to be had.

Food Highlight:

Amazing cinnamon roll french toast split with my son

We did a blog at one point about letting go and having fun. That applies to food as well. Rather than stuff my face with amazing goodies, like the delicious french toast from Mimi’s Cafe, we split a lot of meals. It was a great way to eat some great food without feeling ridiculously full in the end.

Workout Highlight:

It is not always about the reps; sometimes it is about the steps. Each day we amassed over 20,000 steps while at the parks.

Wisdom of the Week:

While I enjoy the routine I have living in my box, life is much more fun when you step out of the daily routine and do something fun. Your healthy habits are not ruined by a few days away eating some unhealthy foods (but, boy were they good). Your body is not going to fall apart if you don’t get that gym session in. In fact, your body and your mind benefit from a break. A break sitting around the house is not bad, but a break with family and Mickey Mouse (Goofy too!) is so much better.

Hanging with Goofy

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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