MAF Update-Week 4 (Chickens, heat, and the best looking vegetables ever)

We found a new Saturday adventure for our run this week.  Starting at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista we headed east.  Venturing through Mound and into Spring Park, we caught a glimpse of the fancy life on Lake Minnetonka.  It is so much more fun running with scenery and family instead of on a continuous round of “church loops.”  The reason for the Gale Woods inspiration is the food highlight for the week.  Yes, slower times are not great, but the better company and new route made this week a success.

Here is the link to the video of the blog for this week.

MAF Update:

Well, the heat and humidity, out of the ordinary for the end of September, did play a role in pace for the week.  My times were not bad, but they were nowhere near what they were during our nice cool week last week.  The most noticeable difference was in the long Saturday run.  My pace went from 7:38 mile pace on the nice cool Saturday of “church loops”,  to an 8:07 mile pace on sticky warm run on the bike trail.  I knew there would be a dip with the weather so I am not going to stress too hard at the dip in times.  Tuesday will be my monthly check-in for a MAF test.  It will be very interesting to compare the mile splits from my first test, especially since the weather looks perfect this week.

Here are my run distances and paces for the week: (20.5 total miles)

Tuesday: 5.04 miles at 7:55 pace

Wednesday- 2.60 miles at 7:35 pace

Friday- 2.64 miles at 7:28 pace

Saturday- 7.51 miles at 8:07 pace

Sunday- 2.69 miles at 7:19 pace

Food Highlight:

“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.” This is some wisdom dropped by Michael Pollan in Food Rules.  When it comes to eating plants, you can’t get them any better than at your local farmer’s market or CSA (community supported agriculture).  We get our produce from Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista, MN.  We used to do their CSA, but have now switched to their farmer’s market credit system.  Either way you choose, there are some amazing vegetables available throughout the summer and fall.  Check out their options, or just visit their market on Saturday mornings. (Only two weeks left for the season!).

Workout Highlight:

The highlight for the week is my resistance bands and I already did a complete blog post on them, which you can check out here.  I used to have a Bowflex home gym that worked on the same premise.  The idea is your muscles are under constant pressure throughout the entire movement.  Frustration eventually set in, through no fault of the Bowflex, and I had enough.

With the Bowflex, I was doing it wrong.  I was trying to use it like a normal weight room and lift heavy weight.  It was all about how much I could bench, but I should have been just doing it to failure.  My frustration came when I put on such heavy weights that I could not even start the bands. If I would have just done the exercises until I could not do any more reps, I would not have gotten stuck and might still have the machine today. However, the Bowflex has been sold and the bands have taken over.  Make sure to check out the band blog post to get all my tips and tricks.

Wisdom of the Week:

“Kia Kaha” is my thought for the week.  I was listening to a podcast that talked about the movie “Forever Strong.”  It is a great movie to watch, especially if you are a coach.  Kia Kaha is a Maori phrase meaning forever strong.  The coach in the movie teaches his players to be forever strong on the field, but also in life.  There are going to be challenges in life and that is just how it goes.  One has to find ways to be “forever strong” and fight through challenges to come out stronger on the other side.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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