MAF Update- Week 2 (New Week, Same Fun)

No new adventures on the MAF training journey this week. We went back and visited the goats, but this time we brought Kari. By the time I caught up to them, Kari had already claimed a cat and would have put it in her bike basket if she thought she could get away with it. I will try to find a new adventure on a route next week.

Here is the YouTube video update that goes with the blog.

MAF Update:

It took me awhile, three runs into the week, but I figured out what was up with my Magellan Switch Up GPS watch.  Even though I thought I was deleting old files, it turns out they were staying on the watch.  I finally got a notification that the memory was full.  Saturday and Sunday runs were accurate.  It was interesting to see that all my runs were almost identical to the paces from last week.  The only run that was different was my Wednesday run.  I doubled my mileage from last week and did the run after supper.  My MAF heart rate didn’t like running on a full stomach since it jumped up right away. 

Boy, I am hoping for some improvement soon.  This is supposed to be a slow process, but I am not that patient.  I was pleased with the very fast Sunday time again, making me wrong last week when I thought the 7:28 pace was wrong.  The Sunday runs are the only ones I do first thing in the morning.  That might make a big difference for me.  I am excited for the fall weather to keep getting cooler and cooler.

Here are my run distances and paces for the rest of the week: (20.2 total miles)

Tuesday: 2.56 miles at 7:50 pace

Wednesday- 5.09 miles at 8:13 pace

Friday- 2.5 miles at 8:00 pace (estimate since watch failed)

Saturday- 7.49 miles at 8:18 pace

Sunday- 2.5 miles at 7:32 pace

Food Highlight:

For this nutrition highlight, I paired it with my coffee update from last week.  This week, the highlight is my recovery lunch I eat on coffee breakfast days.  I make some sautéed vegetable to go with a smoothie.  For my smoothie, I start by soaking some cashews overnight.  They add some protein and brain benefits.  Plus, they help add some creaminess to the chocolate smoothie. 

In with the cashews, I add some collagen, turmeric, ground flax, cocoa powder, chia seeds, and my super-secret ingredient of broccoli.   Click here to read our full blog about it.. This lunch is a great way to help reduce the inflammation from working out and get my body ready for the next day of training.

Workout Highlight:

Last week, I wrote about my “push” days, so it is only fair to bring in “pull” days.  I do these days the day after the “push” days.  Here are the exercises I use to blast my back: 5 sets of band rows, 1 minute on and one minute rest of dumbbell rows, suspension rows/band crossover rows, and finally a mixed set of hammer curls and band curls.  All of my workouts start with a set of different core work.

Wisdom of the Week:

This week’s reflection come from The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.  This book is a great read if you need some help heading in a positive direction.  I have two favorite rules that I like to keep in mind.  One is that “you drive your own bus.”  The decision to view things in a positive or negative light ultimately rest with me.  I have the choice of how things are going to affect me. 

The second rule from the book that I love is “no energy vampires allowed.”  I choose who I am going to let have an influence on my day.  If they suck all the positive energy out of life, then they don’t need to be part of my day.  If you prefer the philosophical words of Mahatma Gandhi, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”  The thing that The Energy Bus helped me realize was that I had nobody to blame for tough days but myself.  Perspective is a great thing; keep it positive.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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