MAF Update- Week 1 (An Interesting Start and GOATS!)

Here is a look into my first week of MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) training. Make sure to check out the food and workout highlights, as well as the Wisdom of the week. (We even found goats on our adventure!)

You can also check out the YouTube version of the updates here.

We tried some of Waconia’s scenic trails

MAF Update:

Using last week’s formula, I calculated my MAF heart rate to be 142 beats per minute.  Really, it is 143 now, but will switch to 142 in November.  I figured I would go with 142.  On Tuesday, I did the MAF test.  That is a 3-mile run within 10 beats, without going over, your MAF heart rate. 

I jogged a bit to get my heart rate close and then went off running on my fairly flat loops I use in my neighborhood.  My first mile was 7:45 and I started to think that this might go faster than I first thought.  My next mile took a deep dive to 8:26. I had to really slow down on some very small inclines to keep my heart rate below 142.  The third mile dropped even more, which is supposed to happen, to 8:55.  I know this is how it is supposed to go, but I may not have done a good enough job on my warm-up.  That may have caused such a big drop.  I will do another test in a month to see how it is going.

Here are my run distances and paces for the rest of the week:

Wednesday- 2.5 miles at 7:50 pace

Friday- 2.5 miles at 8:11 pace

Saturday- 7.5 miles at 8:15 pace (This is an estimate because my watch won’t load)

Sunday- 2.5 miles at 7:28 pace (I don’t think the GPS was accurate on this one)

Thoughts: MAF makes running more than just a mindless stroll.  I have to constantly check my heart rate.  It is amazing how very minor inclines can jump your heart rate.  I also found that a little more heat can make the heart rate go up.  I think that is the reason my Wednesday run was slower.  It will definitely be an interesting few months.

Food Highlight:

My second nutrition highlight is going to feature my breakfast on days I don’t have my mash.  On those days, I have “bulletproof coffee.”  I went away from this for a bit, but found my way back.  This is my breakfast on my off days.  It is a great recovery tool and helps kick out the inflammation.  Click here to read our full blog about it.

My Bulletproof breakfast

Workout Highlight:

With my new training regimen comes some new workouts.  This first I will highlight is my “push” days.  Long ago, I used to do “push” days and “pull” days, but not like this.  I am keeping these to only a few exercises, but spending my effort working these to failure.  I have only made it through them once, but know, from the soreness that followed, that they can sure kick my butt. 

Since I have two of these days each week, I will share both workouts.  Each day starts with some core work to warm up and then I get into the workouts.  Push Day 1: Bench Press (5 sets to failure), push-ups (Five rounds of 1 minutes of as many reps as possible and 1 minute of rest), flies, triceps work (3 rounds of diamond pushups to failure and 12 reps of triceps push-downs).  Push Day 2: Bench Press (5 sets to failure), push-ups (Five rounds of 1 minutes of as many reps as possible and 1 minute of rest), chest cable cross-overs, triceps work (3 rounds of dips and 12 reps of triceps push-downs).

Wisdom of the Week:

I had another gem lined up for Inky Johnson, but had to make a quick change.  We went to a mass to remember 9/11 on Saturday and Fr. Stan Mader, the priest at St. Joseph Church, said something I had to share.  In his homily, he said that we need to remember to “unite for good, and not just for vengeance.”  In today’s culture, people are quick to unite AGAINST something.  That something could be masks, vaccines, lack of mask mandates, you name it.  We need to remember those who united twenty years ago to run INTO the buildings or wrestle the plane down into a Pennsylvania field.  People are inherently good; we need to unite behind that.  Our country is inherently good; we need to use that to cause change.  First and foremost, God is good; look to Him for guidance in troubling times.

That’s just a bit of my experience.  Have a great week.

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