Teacher Appreciation

It has been A YEAR, am I right? Things have been wonky, and a lot of professions have borne some of the brunt of the pandemic. Here at our house, we are daily reminded of the expectations put on teachers (not to mention other school staff), and how those expectations have grown this year. Perhaps others are aware of these expectations, also. If so, maybe you are thinking of giving a little Teacher Appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated the first week of May, is a chance to thank the educators in your life. While all of the educators polled in our house agree that presents are never necessary, a thank you is always appreciated. And while things like gift cards will certainly be used, a sincere token is the most appreciated. Below is a list of ideas for those who want to get out of the gift card rut.

Finding this on my car absolutely made my day because of the sweet, honest sentiments.
  • Something for the classroom – is there a special book, game or tool the whole classroom could use? For instance, the electric pencil sharpener gifted to my talented husband’s classroom is still appreciated, even by a new classroom of children.
  • A craft/decoration the student worked on – it does not matter what the end result looks like…if a student puts genuine time and effort into a project, it will be appreciated.
  • Thank you card or note – nice notes or pictures from students are treasured tokens for teachers to keep.
  • Little treat items, or other consumables – getting a treat (snack, tasty beverage, flowers, etc.) can brighten a school day immeasurably
  • A donation to a charity – include a nice chocolate bar, mints, gum or flowers if you would like to include something physical with the donation
This thoughtful gift was made by a student with help from Grandpa

Many schools include support staff along with their teacher appreciating. Please do not forget these important individuals! Support staff work just as hard building relationships with and loving on your students. They are especially touched by a heartfelt recognition from their students…speaking from experience.

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