The EdPuzzle GAMECHANGER (at school)

It all started long ago (one year) in a land far far away (distance learning). When everyone got sent home from school to do distance learning, a lot of companies stepped up and offered their sites for free for the remainder of the year. That was nice of them to help, but it was also a great ploy to get people to want to purchase subscriptions for this year. One such site was EdPuzzle. I had used the free version before, but the paid version was very helpful. It allowed me to finish the year somewhat strong and then, of course, I was one of the “suckers” who bought the paid version for this year.

For those who may be wondering what EdPuzzle is, it’s a site where you can search or upload videos for students to watch. After uploading, you then embed questions within the video. I like this because it holds the students accountable for actually listening to the content of the video. Last year, and the beginning of this year, during distance learning, I would use EdPuzzle for the classes I did not have live lessons for. That way, I could guarantee my students were getting the lessons I wanted. I probably went half-and-half making my own videos and using the extensive library of pre-made videos.

You can organize your videos for easy access

When we returned from distance learning in January, I continued to use EdPuzzle and it turned into my “gamechanger.” Let me start by saying this crazy year has forced some schedule changes. I am teaching two sections of Reading. I only have forty-five minutes for each section. That is not enough time to get in my lesson and give the students quality independent practice time. Once we got back to in-person learning, I brought in EdPuzzle to help.

Drop in questions for added accountability.

I now do an “in-class flipped” lesson. I have set up three rotations. For one rotation, I record my lesson and add questions through EdPuzzle. By doing that, I get at least ten minutes to work with each small group. That more individualized instruction has, in my opinion, made me a more effective teacher. I feel like the students enjoy the independence of watching the lesson on their own. EdPuzzle allows me to make sure they are answering the questions and understanding the key concepts of the lesson. See how it is a “gamechanger?”

Whether you are still doing distance learning, or want your students to watch a video on content, EdPuzzle is something you should check out. Why just have your students watch a video? Add some accountability with this great site. It really adds to a classroom…speaking from experience.

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