Sometimes You Just Gotta

I am well aware that most of my posts have to do with my attempts to be healthy. I have posted about adding broccoli to smoothies, making my own kombucha, and my favorite hard workout. Today I am going to go in the opposite direction…because sometimes you just gotta give yourself a treat.

Most people who see my lunches and know my affinity for exercise always seem shocked when I grab a donut or other treat from the teacher’s lounge. They obviously don’t know me well enough to know about my sweet tooth. It used to be that a bag of Red Vines was not safe around me. Luckily, I have eaten so many of them that I really do not like the taste anymore. Trail mix, however, does not stand a chance. Once that bag is open, it is as good as gone. Red Vines and trail mix are/were rare around the house so they don’t really constitute a treat. I am here to tell you that it is quite healthy to get yourself a treat now and then.

We don’t subscribe to a certain diet. A rigid, structured diet isn’t our thing. We like to find some fun ways to treat ourselves every now and then. One of our favorites, Bakery on Main, is a great place to get your pastry fix. They have great rolls and donuts. Their cupcakes, however, take the cake (pun intended). They are huge and come in a variety of flavors. Right now, they are featuring Girl Scout cookie flavors. Yum!

We are working through two flavors right now.

Another treat that we search out is Tillamook ice cream. This treat started when we saw them on sale at our local grocery store. We bought one (I can’t even remember the first flavor we tried) and were hooked. We have now tried most flavors that our store carries. I don’t think we have been disappointed yet. It is such a smooth ice cream.

Just like grabbing a treat at work once in awhile is not a bad thing, neither is finding something fun your whole family likes. I will say that we don’t make a habit of having something every night. That would not be a healthy habit. Having a little deliciousness here and there is not bad for you. In fact, your brain might enjoy the break, because sometimes you just gotta…speaking from experience.

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