Take a Puddle Walk

After a season when some prefer the comforts of their furnace, early spring warmth is a welcome gift. So many of us relish the sunshine, warmer temperatures, and venturing outside wearing fewer layers. Spring thaw quickly turns yards into an inhospitable muddy mess, though. But don’t let the mud keep you indoors! What you need to do is take a puddle walk.

Our kids have been taking puddle walks since they were so young they could hardly manage walking in their rain boots. This is one of the simple activities they have absolutely adored – it is fun, messy, out in the sunshine, and probably even seemed a little naughty. Naughty because this is not an activity to be done delicately! A puddle walk needs to be done with joy and vigor, full of running, jumping, and large splashes. You may want to wear clothes that can get dirty…and having a towel by the door may be a good idea.

Early spring brings lots of puddles to walk in.
Early spring is a great time to start puddle walking!

Puddle walks are a great excuse to exercise some of those pent-up winter muscles. Taking a puddle walk is also a fun way to see your neighborhood emerge in the warmth. They are fun most of the year, too! Think of talking a walk in the rain – raincoats and umbrellas optional, of course (you will definitely want to have a towel by the door after that walk!).

Two kids taking a puddle walk.
Once these feet were clad in Thomas the Train and Hello Kitty boots for these walks. Now, one pair of tootsies is wearing my boots.

As it turns out, puddle walks really never get old. They are a fun excuse to get outside and have some silly fun. If you are lucky, your big kids will be happy to get out and take a puddle walk. Even a short puddle walk where you are just posing for your mother’s blog pictures can be fun…speaking from experience.

Two kids splashing in a puddle
Splashing never gets old!

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