A Secret (and Healthy) Ingredient

Smoothies are a popular thing. They are a simple, and delicious, meal. Throw in a few simple ingredients, blend and drink. Smoothies have been my go-to breakfast on race mornings, and now I have been using them as a way to get more nutrients into my day when I have my bulletproof coffee breakfast. I have found that, by adding a secret ingredient, I can pack even more nutrients into my smoothie. This ingredient gets scoffed at, especially by my third graders: broccoli.

Organic and Frozen (from Costco)

For my lunch smoothies, I go for a little smaller portion (and by smaller, I mean a “normal” sized). I start by soaking slivered almonds overnight. Then, to that, I add ground flax seeds, turmeric, collagen, and chia seeds. For flavor, I add vanilla protein powder and cocoa powder. Fill it with water to a desired thickness (I usually have to eat it with a spoon), and add in some frozen broccoli. Blend it well and you are ready to enjoy.

Lunch-sized Portion

When I have a triathlon, I have found that smoothies are a perfect breakfast. For this smoothie, I make it on a much larger scale; think whole blender instead of a smoothie cup version. These smoothies start with blueberries, flax seed, chia seeds, collagen, turmeric, and cinnamon. I add the cocoa powder and vanilla protein powder for extra flavor. Then I also throw in a whole avocado to go with the broccoli. I have this smoothie breakfast timed perfectly, drinking it on my drive to the race. If I finish the whole thing two hours before my race, my body digests it well and cleans things out so that I feel great during the race.

Race Breakfast-sized Portion

Smoothies are quite the health “buzz word” these days. Usually, I get very tired of “buzz words.” Not this time. They offer so many ways to fit in the things your body needs to be healthy. Now, with my (no longer) secret ingredient, you can up your nutrients without sacrificing your flavor…speaking from experience.

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