Little Fish With A Bad Rap

LONG ago, when I was little and I heard about sardines, I always pictured a whole little fish (think anchovies). Gag reflex would kick in as I though of eating little fish whole on pizzas or anything else. Any fish other than tuna in a can was something I stayed away from. I would like to say that in my wise later years, since crossing over the 40 threshold, I saw the error of my ways. That is not quite how it happened, but sardines have become a weekly staple in my diet and I love the health benefits I am getting.

My path to discovering sardines actually started with my mother-in-law feeding them to my son. He loved them so she sent some to our house for him to eat. Very quickly, as my children seem to do with a lot of food, his love of sardines turned to disdain. In trying to clean out the cupboards, I decided to try the little fishies. I am not sure if I paired them with anything, or just ate them straight, but found that I actually enjoyed them.

Canned in olive oil

My scrambles started to get a bit mundane, since I have them so much. I decided to replace a scramble breakfast with a sardine one. I have settled on making the vegetables the same way I do for my scrambles and eat them with my sardines. While I am sauteing my vegetables, I put a can in a bowl and add a flavoring of some kind. I will use Hot Sauce, barbeque sauce, or hummus. Once the vegetables have cooked, I add them to the bowl and enjoy.

I purchase my sardines at Costco. They are more expensive online, but a 6-pack in-store is $9.99. As a fun side show, our cat seems to know that it is a Sunday because he comes running into the kitchen when I open the box. He goes crazy until I open the can and give him the remnants.

One from my Costco 6-pack

The sardines alone contain 22 grams of protein, 15% of your daily vitamin D, and 1700 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. Add that to the nutrients from the vegetables and my day is off to a very nutritious start. The protein helps repair my muscles after a hard Sunday morning workout and keep me full until lunch after church. I am so glad I found these wonderful little fish. Lucky for me, my son changes his palate so quickly…speaking from experience.

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