Recycled Food #2 – Imperfect Foods

Several years ago I heard about an online site called Imperfect Produce, whose mission was to reduce food waste. They took produce that was deemed “imperfect” – because of looks or size – and found a market for it. What a fabulous way to reduce food waste! At the time Imperfect Foods did not sell to our area, but that finally changed. They eventually expanded their offerings and their market area and changed their name to Imperfect Foods.

Imperfect Foods saves a lot of food from the landfill by finding a market for items that may otherwise be overlooked at the market. Think a misshapen potato, a small (or large) apple, or ends of bacon that would otherwise be tossed. Imperfect Foods knows these items still taste great and have value, and so do their customers.

Imperfect does not only sell food that may not look perfect for one reason or another. They also sell surplus items, and items whose size is considered not for market (think some broken pasta, or uneven pieces of chicken that are great for fajitas). Imperfect Foods now includes “regular” grocery items to help get all of your shopping done in one place. All of the items are at a good price.

After they moved to our area, I was originally a bit confused by the Imperfect Foods website and reluctant to take purchasing plunge. But when a trusted friend said she shopped from them, that was enough to convince me to try them out. I am glad I took that plunge, happily relying on their products through this pandemic winter.

It was easy to sign up and begin. One of my biggest initial questions was how often I could (or HAD to) shop. Imperfect Foods allows once a week or every other week shopping – but you can add or skip a week as needed. There is no minimum amount to order, but the $4.99 shipping fee is waived for orders over $65. Also, while Imperfect starts your order with items that they have “shopped” for you, there is no obligation to keep those items.

Shopping the Imperfect Foods website.

Imperfect Foods gives 48 hours to shop before delivery day. My shop time is from Monday to Wednesday, with delivery on Friday. It is such a joy to have our big box of wonderful food arrive! It amazes us that what we get would be deemed icky or weird by some. We have never been disappointed with the products we have received, and actually like the fun shapes of our “imperfect” produce.

A box of Imperfect goodies.
A big box of great food.
Some of the "imperfect" and surplus products purchased by Imperfect Foods
Just some of our Imperfect order. It all looks good to me!

As one who actively discourages food waste, I love Imperfect Foods. If you would like to try it with a little less risk, I have a $10 off code. Yes, I get a discount if you use the code. If that bothers you, please at least check out their website and consider what am impact they are making. Food waste is a horrible thing, one that we can all make an impact to fight…speaking from experience.

The impact of one household ordering from Imperfect Foods every 2 weeks for less than 6 months. Yes, we can all make a difference.
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