Custom Fidgets

Fidgets of all kinds have been popular for years now. Squishies, clickers, tangles and, of course, spinners, are all mainstream tools to help people manage their feelings. Even though their use has moved beyond the targeted crowd, fidgets are still important tools for many. Both of our children get good use out of their favorite fidgets, and we are grateful for their availability. One child in particular really benefits from fidget use. We have purchased several different types if fidgets, but have found that custom fidgets are the favorites.

It did not occur to us to have our kids create their own fidgets; after all, the store-bought ones work fine. But when I saw the pride that came from creating their own fidgets, it made sense. It was just another creative way to express themselves with their beloved Legos. The fact that they help get through some stressful situations is icing on the cake.

The Lego creations below each have different fidgity movements. The grey creation on the left has pleasing accordion-like foldable action – almost like a Jacob’s Ladder. With spinning, flipping, clicking and turning abilities, the fidget in the middle is a cool multi-tool that keeps things interesting. And the one on the right is simply satisfying to twirl around – thankfully, the lightness of the chain means it won’t hurt when it inevitably hits a face.

I guess the success of the custom fidgets makes sense. I mean, we already know that they like to be involved in decision making, so it would follow that choosing their fidgets would be appealing. After all, the right fidget is a personal choice, so why not have them make their own? Plus, the pride of making something yourself makes using it even better…speaking from experience.

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