Get Up And Move!

Seeing how a large percentage of my posts are about exercising, it is no surprise that I like to move.  I do not sit still well at all.  That was that way I was as a child.  I grew up in an ideal spot.  Walk out past my backyard and you had a baseball field to the right, hockey rinks to the left, and an open field in between.  We played until lunch, returned until dinner, and then found fun games to play in the dark.  That is just what my friends and I did.  When it comes to my children, we could not be more different. 

My children love nothing more than to put on an audiobook and build with Legos for hours.  Their creative side puts mine to shame, and I love that.  I would like them to get out and move a bit more to exercise more than their creativity.  They don’t have to be in every activity under the sun.  They can have go sledding with friends, ride their bikes, or even have a fun dance party.  All I wish for is getting the heart rate up a bit.

I was in every sport your could find, but my children shy away from competition.  My son tried tee-ball for two seasons, but that was enough for him.  Soccer lasted a bit longer.  He still shows some interest in it, but does not care to play on an organized team.  My daughter stuck with gymnastics for a few sessions.  She blew through swimming lessons, but when the opportunity to join a swim club came about, she balked at the idea of competition.  Despite my childhood full of sports, my wife and I don’t want to force either child to participate just to participate.  If they don’t want to fully commit to an activity, we don’t push (we have been known to try to nudge a bit, though).  With the state of youth sports these days, I don’t think I could handle the pressure to keep up with the Joneses.

Monkey Number Two

While I am glad that our weekends aren’t full of tournaments, camps, and other things that parents ship their kids off to in order to give them that competitive edge, I do wish they would get more active some times.  They eat healthy and are not overweight, so my reasoning is not based on that.  I just know the benefits of being active.  When they show interest in something active, I jump on it.  Right now, America Ninja Warrior is the hot topic.  Both children love to go to our local Conquer Ninja gym, but that can get pricey.  After receiving a generous gift card from a student for Christmas (stay tuned for a post about teacher gifts), I purchased a rock wall set from Amazon.  With scraps of wood from the shed, a wall in our garage has turned into a mini-Ninja course.

Monkey Number One

We will have to see if the latest attempt to get them moving has staying power.  Both children spent the day outside helping plan the rock wall.  They oohed and aahed at the rings and the climbing rope.  Even a few neighbor kids voiced their approval.  Though the cold winter temperatures are upon us, my hope is they will ask to get out to the garage a bunch.  Maybe this new adventure will be something they enjoy for many years, or at least the next twelve months. The best outcome would be to instill a love of moving…speaking from experience.

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