Easy toaster oven #2 – BBQ wrap & crispy kale side

I think our toaster oven is a convenient way for everyone in the house to make a hot, nutritious meal. I mean, seriously, the thing makes toast and melts cheese – those alone are almost universally yummy. But one should not live on just carbs and melted cheese. Therefore, I bring you BBQ wrap with crispy kale side!

First off, yes, this includes melted cheese. But I happen to love it, and the toaster oven can only do so much for a quick meal. Still, there is a lot of versatility here, so feel free to improvise to suit your needs (or what is in your house). Really, though, I think that the highlight here is the kale side, because a green vegetable is always a bonus. So, let’s dive-in to this easy meal!

To make, you will need:
-protein (leftover chicken or turkey, deli chicken or turkey slices, garbanzo beans, etc.)
-favorite BBQ sauce
-chopped red or green onions (optional)
-olive oil
-garlic or onion powder (optional)

Start by piling on your protein, cheese and optional onions on your tortilla. Next, rip up your kale into bite-sized pieces and put on your oven tray. Drizzle on just a bit of olive oil and rub on to the kale until it is all coated. Be careful not to put on too much oil, or the kale won’t crisp up into nice chips. Then, massage the oil that is left on your hands into your skin, because moisturizing is always important.

Put your oven tray into the toaster oven to toast – mine defaults to “4”, which takes about 8 minutes. Both the kale and wrap can be done on the same tray, but you won’t get as much crispy kale chips. If you are like me and enjoy lots of kale, feel free to use 2 trays.

Crispy kale chips straight from the toaster oven!
Crispy kale chips straight from the toaster oven!

When the oven is done toasting, remove the tray and add the BBQ sauce to the wrap. Season the kale chips, plate, and enjoy!

Yum! Easy toaster oven lunch – ready quickly, too.

Sometimes it is nice to have a quick meal available that is both hot and does not come from a box. Truly, this fits the bill. Plus, with the variety of what to put in the wrap, you won’t get bored with it. And when kale is both salty and crispy, kids don’t complain about eating it…speaking from experience.

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