A Little Time Goes A Long Way

Let’s start by jumping back MANY years to a time when I was clueless about working out. I overcompensated during my workouts for many years causing a disc in my back to pinch a nerve. There is nothing like having to literally roll out of bed. Now let’s jump back over many trips to the chiropractor to today when I feel like I have a lot more sense (when it comes to exercise). I have learned little things I can do to make sure my body is running well, so workouts don’t do major damage. I began a routine to help strengthen my back after hearing about Foundation Training from a Ben Greenfield podcast. In a few short minutes, and ten quick exercises, my back has felt better and my body is more ready for the next workout I throw at it.

I started my practice by checking out the book Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move with Confidence. From there, I built my own practice of those ten exercises that takes a little more than ten minutes to get through. I do this routine on my recovery days. It is a great part of my morning routine. Any soreness I have seems to be gone after the routine.

A good twist for the spine

I am pretty sure there was a YouTube video involved in helping me to know how to do each exercise, but I was unable to find it. I am not going to try to describe each of the exercises. That would be time consuming and difficult to do. In my search for videos of my routine, I did stumble upon a YouTube routine different from mine. After seeing this video, I now have a new plan…more Foundation Training! A new nightly routine may be in order.

Lifting the knees and chest off the ground

A strong core is the key to good athletic performance. It is also important to daily functional movement. Having this practice as part of a daily routine has been, and will continue to be, essential. Since I don’t plan on stopping my workouts and races, Foundation Training will help me continue to move and improve. It will also help me avoid any unnecessary trips to the chiropractor…speaking from experience.

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