Have Some Simple Fun

We live in a world where overly-curated schedules, “spontaneous” photo-ops, and showy, busy lives in general are the norm. Lives that tend to seek some abstract of perfection to share with others. The importance of our outward appearance has some existing in a high school-like state of concern for how others view us. And when things do not go our way immediately, or we feel like we cannot do whatever we want, when we want it? Well, I think we have all heard the whining that has occurred during 2020. It is unfortunate that these stress-inducing attitudes and expectations take away our natural joy. We are so focused on perfection (and having it NOW), that we forget that real joy comes from simpler things. Simple joys that come when we have some simple fun.

Simple fun comes in a myriad of forms that are different for everyone, of course. But simple fun is easy to recognize. Think about how wee ones are fascinated by bubbles. Or how good it feels to run out in gentle snow or warm rain. And getting together with friends and laughing at the stupidest things until you hurt (or pee a little – let’s be real, here) and it is just THE BEST.

Simple Christmas fun
Christmas light display and pretending to drive a sleigh…oh what simple fun

We need to take a big lesson from the pandemic – that life can be good in the small moments. There is great fun to be found in seemingly small things – singing loudly, dancing silly together, decorating gingerbread houses, playing games that require more luck than skill. These are the times, when it comes down to it, that we enjoy the most.

Think about it; these are the memories that are always the best, the moments we would love to recapture. Simple fun is not forced or dictated, but happens by experiencing life, and seeing all the amazing things out there. I would love to hear about your simple fun experiences – please comment below! It really is through simple fun that we get the most joy out of life…speaking from experience.

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