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I was on a trip to New York when I first saw them. There were these dumbbells in a hotel gym that I figured were custom ordered just for a hotel. These dumbbells went from ten to fifty pounds all in one set. This has to be something specific to a hotel gym needing to conserve space, right? It makes perfect sense for a small hotel gym to save space with this set rather than an entire rack of dumbbells. Little did I know that I would own a set of my own a few years later. That trip was my introduction to the PowerBlock Dumbbell.

They come apart for different weights

Years after my trip, I was looking to upgrade my home gym and I remembered the dumbbells that were so versatile. I will say, though, that these dumbbells are not cheap; I believe around $300 at the time I bought mine. They do, however, hold up very well. I have been using mine for years and there is barely a chip or spot of rust on them. The only thing that has needed replacing is the plastic clip that allows you to adjust the weight. That only broke because I lost my grip and dropped them awkwardly. They definitely get a gold star for durability.

Quick and easy adjustment

There are add-ons that will allow you to go up to 90 pounds, but I have not had the need to go past the 50 pound ones I have. Plus, I would have to shell out more money to do that. The ones I have are prefect for both upper and lower body work. They are great for the overhead dumbbell press, arm curls, and other upper body exercises. They also work great for step-ups, lunges, and many other lower body exercises. For someone who likes to program your own workouts, or follows a purchased workout program, these things are perfect.

Has a variety of weights

When making a purchase for your home gym, especially during this time of COVID, you will have a hard time finding anything better than the PowerBlock dumbbells. Their versatility will get you in the door, but their durability will keep them in use for a long time. Who knew a simple trip to New York would still be paying off twenty years later…speaking from experience.

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