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A couple of years ago figuring out our Christmas photo card design about sent me over the edge. I had hit a Mom Wall: years of coming up with gift ideas for family members (what to give them AND what they should give the kids) and Santa, purchasing and wrapping gifts, making holiday treats and all of the other holiday hullaballoo had me spent. Deciding on the perfect family photo for a card, then choosing a design online, ordering the cards and mailing them out? Nope. I was done. That is when I decided to send out holiday art instead.

So I commissioned our oldest to create a picture to send out as our card. We made a few copies of the design to send out to some relatives, then posted the card on facebook for everyone else. It was such a relief. It was also kind of lazy, but at that point I did not care.

Holiday art used for family Christmas card
The holiday art we sent out the first year I couldn’t handle the thought of designing a photo card.

The next year our youngest made a picture in school for a local contest. Boom! That year’s card was done. We copied the black and white picture onto perforated postcard sheets, and included our greeting and signatures copied on the back. We then spent maybe 30 minutes as a family embellishing the cards with markers. After adding addresses and slapping on postcard stamps they were done! These were also less expensive than mailing photo cards, plus we got some family coloring time in.

Holiday cards printed on perforated postcard paper
Holiday card printed on perforated postcard paper that we colored as a family. Copy your greeting and signatures on the backside to make it even easier!

The two years off from designing a photo card were a nice break from a holiday expectation. Enough of a break that, despite pandemic stressors, this year we happily designed a photo card to mail out. This years card is a simple design that makes us happy. And it is nice to know that we can again decide to send out holiday art if a photo card is just too much…speaking from experience.

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