Suck It Up And Mask Up (PLEASE)

(Disclaimer: this is coming from a place of sincere bitterness and is not meant to be political)

Forget trust! I have now left that post in the dust. That didn’t work. I trusted human decency and it got me stuck at home because people I don’t know, and have never met, didn’t care. I trusted people to do the right thing and now COVID is spreading more than ever. All that I have left to say, no, yell from the rooftops, is to WEAR YOUR MASK!!!

I understand your concern over your personal freedoms, I really do. I think you fail to consider my personal freedoms when you don’t wear your mask. My family has had to stay away from our friends and our jobs because you didn’t wear a mask. Because of your lack of concern, my son spent his birthday at home instead of having a picnic and going to the zoo like he wanted. Luckily we can do that a different time. Others are not so lucky. The next time you start to spout off about how people are taking away your freedom by making you wear a little piece of cloth over you mouth and nose, consider the people around you. I am being good and taking precautions, but because of your decision, I lose my freedoms.


You may not be worried about your health, but what about that person standing next to you? I am younger. I exercise and try to eat right. If I were to get sick, I stand a better chance of my symptoms being mild or nonexistent. What about my father? He is over 70 with underlying health issues and COVID is knocking him down pretty hard. I will always put my mask on because I don’t know who is next to me.

This is not political! I promise it is not. Recent events have shown that COVID does not care who you are going to vote for or what party you are a part of. In our world of “me, me, me” COVID is spreading faster and faster. My trusting people has seemed to work very little, so I am not going to hesitate to tell someone to wear their mask, or to put it over their nose. I am done with being passive on that. All that did is get me bitter, my family stuck at home, and my parents sick. I am done with people choosing themselves over the greater good. GROW UP AND JUST WEAR THE STUPID MASK!!!!!!! – speaking from experience.

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