Change of Tune

A few weeks ago, I was touting my boxing bag as a great whole body cardio workout. That has since been replaced. I am still on hiatus from running and biking to give my Achilles time to heal before training starts for next season in December. After boxing three times a week, my knuckles started to call for mercy. Thanks to a colleague, I got my sore hands on a battle rope. Mind blown!

That battle rope kicks my butt more than boxing ever did. After each set, I am sucking wind. It is an amazing cardio workout, but it also wears out my entire body. As a great bonus, there is not a lot of pounding on my joints. I can hammer out some cardio while still letting my leg recover.

There are a lot of varieties of battle rope workouts on the Internet. You can find everything from a 4 minute workout to pages of great exercises for you to format your own workout. I decided to take some battle rope exercises and pair them with my MURPH calisthenics. Talk about a butt-kicking good time. I do a fifteen minute set with the rope, followed by the 100 pull-up/200 push-up/300 air squat MURPH set, and finish with another fifteen minute set with the rope.

Some alternating wave action

I did some research and found fifteen different exercises for the battle rope. Each exercise is done for 40 seconds with a 20 second recovery period (which is not even close to long enough). Here are the exercises in my set: jump slam, alternating waves, dagger skis, jumping jacks, standing dagger twist, two hand slams, Russian twist, skater slam, plank waves, alternating wide circles, V-sit wave, in and out slams, clapping, cyclones, and snakes.

V-sit waves

That feeling of all out exhaustion from this workout is amazing. The pile of sweat on the ground tells me I have put in the work. My only dilemma is going to be what to do when my leg is better and I am able to start training for triathlon again. The rope will stay. I will just have to find something else to give up. Boxing is great, but it is no longer my go-to. The battle rope is where it is at — speaking from experience.

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