Easy Peasy Peanut Butter

Just going to start out by stating that we are a bit food crazy. We see a new Co-op and have to stop and check it out. When we traveled to Duluth for vacation, we had to stop and stock up on food at their Co-op. While we were in there, our peanut butter world was turned upside down. They had a machine that took raw peanuts and made you fresh peanut butter. Of course, for my wife’s next birthday present, I found one of those machines. As we have written on many occasions, we like to make things ourselves (lotion, kombucha, toothpaste, deodorant, and more), so why not peanut butter?

That is way too many ingredients!

Another thing we have written about in a few posts is how nice it is to know what we are putting in our bodies. Have you looked at the ingredients on a label of Skippy peanut butter? There are way more ingredients than are necessary. Peanut butter is so tasty that there should be no need to adjust it. Our peanut butter has two simple ingredients, peanuts and salt. When I make the peanut butter, I have a ratio that I have found yummy: four cups of peanuts to one teaspoon of salt.

We like to order some of our food from Azure Standard. Peanuts have been hard to come by lately. Everyone seems to like them and they keep going out of stock. That means we have not had peanut butter for awhile. We do get some in bulk from our local co-op sometimes, but we mostly order it from Azure. It is like Christmas when we get our brown bags of peanuts.

A brown bag of goodness

That machine I found for the present turned out to not be “exactly” like the one at the co-op. Unfortunately, the machine I purchased burned out after a few uses so we had to find a new way. We found a nice durable food processor to do the trick. People like to say “I just don’t have time” to make their own things. Really? You don’t have ten minutes (and that might even be an over-estimate)? Put the peanuts and salt in and turn the thing on. That’s it. Most of the effort is passive – easy peasy.

Durable food processor. Great for making peanut butter

After having made this peanut butter for so long, I find myself not liking any other kinds. We will buy the organic variety with only peanuts and salt, but that still does not taste the same. Our homemade peanut butter is very versatile – put it on bread, in oatmeal, or even just grab a spoon and some chocolate chips. It is all good. That trip through the Duluth Co-op yielded such a delicious find…speaking from experience.

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