Much out of Little

At church this week the Gospel reading was the famous Loaves and Fishes story. Now, before you judge and stop reading, afraid this is going to be something religious, it is not (not that that would be a bad thing). For anyone not familiar with this Bible story, in general it is about feeding many with little. It is a story about how people came together to fix a problem. This is a classic story, with a universal message, about making much out of little.

It seems that when things seem hard, some people turn inwards. They start focusing on their own little world, only concerned with how things affect them. Wants become even more confused with needs, until the concerns of others are no longer important.

Then there are those who become part of the solution. Instead of seeing only negativity, they step back and see where there is actual need (Finding the actual need is important. There is a difference between helping where there is need and helping to feel important. But that is a different post for a different time). And, this is a big thing, they actually do something about it! We saw this after the rioting in Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd. We see it after natural and man-made disasters. People get together to participate in a miracle. And it often does not take much to make an impact. When people work together, big things can happen. Lots can come out of little. Often, just actively choosing to switch your focus can make all the difference.

Food shelf asking for a little generosity
Food shelf asking for a little generosity

Now is a time to be actively less self-centered. This is a good thing! If you are focused on the bad, you are less likely to experience good. Flip the switch with your thinking, change your ideas. Be a part of the miracle. See the good in your day, not the inconvenience. Share a little of your joy with others. As our priest said on Sunday, “The more you share, the more you have”. Try to make much out of little, because it will make a big difference…speaking from experience.

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