Good Out of Weird

Currently, we are in a situation where we do not know how school will be handled this fall. There are oodles of situations that could occur, and the possibilities change daily. No one wants to be in this situation, but life is full of things we cannot control. In our house, everyone is worried about something regarding each learning possibility. Rather than dwell on the negative, we decided to create our own silver lining where the return of the school year is concerned. Here, we are going to make some good out of weird.

We know there are 3 general possibilities for the beginning of the next school year: In school – with safety protocols, of course; Hybrid learning, with all of it wonderful 50 shades of greyness; and Distance Learning, that tech-enabled newcomer. All scenarios have positives and negatives, and there is no situation that is perfect. Being the Pollyanna that I am (and not wanting to hear whining), we are focusing on the positive. It was time to come up with some adventures.

The three school scenario adventure possibilities

We came up with three things that we all would enjoy doing. After identifying our three school scenarios, we blindly matched a scenario to an adventure. Then we sealed up the selections, and displayed them prominently. When our school scenario is announced we will reveal what we get to do. Easy!

School scenario #1
First school scenario: a twist on the familiar
School scenario #2: the really grey area
Second school scenario: the really grey area
School scenario #3: loosing sleep discipline
Third school scenario: loosing sleep discipline

Life as we were used to has been changed drastically, and the near future is full of question marks. I cannot control how school looks this fall, but I can control my attitude towards it. As it turns out, my attitude will also affect those around me. I will choose to make some good out of weird. That little change of attitude will make a big difference to those around me. Plus, life is always better if you make it an adventure…speaking from experience.

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