No Horsepower Needed

We are smack in the middle of lawn mowing season. Even if you don’t have a lawn to mow, you can certainly recognize the unmistakable drone of a lawn mower. What’s even better is when that nice loud drone is followed by the different, yet just as loud, drone of the weed wacker. But wait, it’s not over. Following that, your get the (again) different, yet just as loud, drone of the leaf blower being used to clean up the mess. Can you tell where this is going? All that horsepower that my neighbors need to maintain their yards gets to be a bit loud. In my yard, you will find no droning noises when I take care of the lawn. In our yard, no horsepower is needed.

(Before I get squarely on my soapbox about my yard care habits, you need to know a few things. The first is that I have a regular-sized city lot. Second, my lovely wife has landscaped the front yard with plants leaving me just the backyard to take care of. Third, the upcoming equipment was already at the house, purchased by my wife, before I moved in. I can’t claim to have had the idea for it; I just love using it.)

My yard work routine uses two quiet pieces of equipment. The first is a hand trimmer that I use instead of the loud noise of the gasoline-powered weed wacker. I walk around, get down by the ground, and do my edging by hand. It is really not a hard task to bend over a bit to get the long grass growing along the edges. Walk, snip, walk, snip, and repeat. Task done!

Hand trimming

The next piece of equipment is my reel lawn mower. The only power needed to run this machine comes from my legs and arms. If you have a properly maintained mower, the only time it is a bit difficult to push is the first step. Once it gets going, it is no harder to push than any other mower. It cuts my yard nicely and looks no different from other lawns cut by the big powerful mowers. The only difference is that mine creates no loud droning noise.

Barefoot mowing does a body good

Noise pollution (yes, it’s a thing) is not the only problem that can arise from lawn maintenance. Air pollution from the gas powered machines is harmful to the environment. While using my human powered machines, I emit no harmful emissions (insert joke here). Nothing but the quiet snip of the trimmers and whirl of the cutting wheel of the mower come from my yard. As a side benefit, I feel like I get a little extra workout in by pushing this type of mower. I also like to mow barefoot to get the grounding effects on my body.

Mowing the lawn in the summer should leave you a bit sweaty. It should leave your lawn nicely groomed. It does not have to leave your neighbors reaching for earplugs or you smelling like a gas station. You can have it all and leave no harmful side effects…speaking from experience.

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