Achilles Issues: The Boot Saves the Day

Growing old stinks! At least I am going to blame my aches and pains on that. A few years ago, I started having trouble with my heel. Recently, I have been having trouble with everything! (Actually, just my hamstrings and Achilles). In the process of recovering from my aches, I found a brace, resembling a boot, that has helped me to get back to my training. One could say it has helped, ahem, booted my Achilles issues.

When me heel started acting up a couple of years ago, it didn’t take me long to figure out it was probably plantar fasciitis. After doing some reading about it, I decided I needed a brace to help. I found a good brace at Walgreens that helps to keep my foot flexed while I sleep. This keeps the Achilles tendon stretched. If your foot is pointed while you sleep, the tendon shortens and pulls everything in your foot out of whack (not quite the medical description, but you get the drift). Wearing this brace every night helped alleviate the problem and, eventually, my foot felt much better. I have continued to use the brace any time I feel a flare-up coming on.

Not shown: the long sock I wear underneath to reduce rubbing

Recently I have been really struggling with a hamstring problem. I have been able to do my bike training, but can’t do any runs. Even when my legs felt good on the bike, I would barely run a mile before having to stop. This limited my training to just the bike, so I biked more than I normally had. That created another problem, one that the “boot” brace could help with. While biking, I was not in a proper position and put too much pressure on my Achilles, causing tendonitis. I had a knot in my tendon and could not ride the bike without pain. Out came the brace and, along with icing, has helped make my mornings less painful and speed overall recovery.

Well, I am going to claim age, but my recent aches and pains might also have to do with my training. The “boot” brace has helped me get through some troubles. I am very excited that my wounds have almost healed and I am getting ready to get back to biking and running again. If foot troubles, mainly tied to the Achilles tendon, slow you down, try out a brace that holds your foot in a flexed position. That simple device can “boot” your issues…speaking from experience.

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