Plate Time Capsules

In the recent past, decorating with permanent markers was quite popular. Home decor, shoes, journals…the creative possibilities were infinite. While I loved many of the ideas I saw, nothing seemed like a project that I needed to do. We did not need any more mugs, I do not journal, and clothing designs would probably be disappointing. But the desire to create something meaningful – and play with Sharpies – stuck with me. Then I had an idea of a project for the whole family – making what I dubbed Plate Time Capsules.

The supplies for the Plate Time Capsules are fairly easy to collect: simple plates, permanent markers, 3M hanging strips and time. Because I love packages of pretty colors, we already had a good set of Sharpies. A thrift store and Target provided the plates and hanging strips, and we found some time. Then we set to work!

Box of permanent markers
Box of colorful permanent markers ready to use for Plate Time Capsules

To begin with, every plate got one of our names (those worried about getting permanent marker on the wrong thing may want to cover table surfaces and wear old shirts. As our children were 4 and 7 at the time, I am sure we did something of that sort). Then we gathered at the table to adorn the plates with Sharpies.

We all started by decorating our own plate. After a bit, we shifted the plates one person over to add personal touches to everyone else’s plate. This continued until everyone had added special touches to each plate. Then, we hung the plates up in our dining room with 3M strips (possibly these – no way I am messing with ours to check). Done!

Plate Time Capsules on display
Plate Time Capsules on display

The Plate Time Capsules were great for showing our family at that time. We are able to see what was important to us while capturing a bit of our children’s essence at those ages. They were fun and easy to do, and a great personal decoration. We were very happy with how they turned out, and love looking at them to this day.

Mama's plate shows special touches from family members
Mama’s plate shows special touches from family members
Plate Time Capsule shows love depite a spelling error
Sincere love from a 6-year-old to her little brother. The spelling error makes it even more enduring

For whatever reason, I am still always on the lookout for projects involving permanent markers. Playing with all of those colors is really fun. But some projects become great not only because of how they turned out, but because of the smile they evoke when reminiscing about making them…speaking from experience.

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