Pizza, Pizza

When saying “pizza, pizza,” I am not reliving the glorious Little Caesars commercial from my childhood. I am actually just looking into my oven to see what supper is going to be. Pizza for supper, lunch, and even breakfast…you can’t go wrong. While going to a delicious buffet at Little Caesars is great, what I really love is homemade pizza.

Making the crust is really easy, at least the one I use is. I like the Betty Crocker recipe. It is quick to mix the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, and yeast) and then add in the water and oil. I add in more flour as needed. For our gluten free friends, Namaste Perfect Flour Blend works great. The one thing I have to make sure of is to plan ahead and make the crust an hour before we want to eat to accommodate the rise time before baking.

The dry ingredients

While the crust is rising, I like to make my own sauce. It is fun to just start throwing stuff together. I usually start by sauteing garlic and onions in a bit of olive oil. Once those are getting translucent, I throw in a can of crushed or diced tomatoes. Put in a generous helping of basil and oregano, and you are good to go. My children roll their eyes at me, but I don’t just stop there with my sauce. Shredded carrot and sunflower seeds make good, and healthy, additions to the sauce. If you are in a pinch, or when I am feeling lazy, a jar of spaghetti sauce works just fine.

Risen and ready to roll

Once the dough has risen for the half hour, I just follow the recipe’s baking instructions. This recipe makes two pizzas. It used to be that we could get away with one pizza and then freeze the other crust. I am not sure when my kids got to be such pigs (actually, it is me that would eat the whole two pizzas), but now I bake both crusts. Once the crusts start to brown, take them out and add the sauce, cheese and other toppings. Return them to the oven and let them bake until done.

Toppings on and ready to bake more

There are a few variations on the “normal” pizza that go over well in our house. Barbeque chicken pizza is the biggest hit. Instead of making sauce, generously spread your favorite barbeque sauce on the partially cooked crust. Don’t forget to add red onions with the chicken and cheese! We have also tried a garlic and olive oil sauce. There are many ways you can adjust your pizza. Be creative!


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a good Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Murphy’s, or frozen pizza. I am just particularly partial to homemade pizza. It does not matter if it is a traditional style, barbeque chicken, or other creation, it does not get much better than pizza on the menu. One thing I have realized, though, is that I need someone at my house to step up and put the pizza away before I take care of whatever is left on the table. “Pizza, pizza” becomes “gone, gone.” Speaking from experience.

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