Little things: Saving Bacon

I am not good about preserving food old-fashioned ways. Canning is too putzy for someone as messy as I am, and dehydrating takes too long. I do like to use the freezer to preserve things, though; tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas and various fruits all end up in there when they are inexpensive and plentiful. Meats and cheeses also end up in there when the price is right to stock up. Leftovers end up there, too, such as another meal of soup or after making a double batch of chickpea burgers. I also make use of the space for saving smaller bits of food that make big impacts, of time and taste, later on. One of my favorites of these little things is saving bacon.

We are a household that eats and enjoys bacon, but we do not scarf it blindly and obsessively. When we have it at a meal, although I fry up the whole thing, we eat perhaps half of a package. Yes, we COULD easily eat the whole pound, but that would be pretty greedy. Instead, what is left gets frozen for some easy additions and meals to come. It is easy to to, and much less ridiculous than buying precooked bacon (That stuff is expensive and scary. Meat should NEVER be shelf stable, unless it is canned. And who would eat canned bacon?). Plus, you get to save the grease by making bacon, which is a lovely little reward in itself.

Well, what do we use this magical bacon for? The short list is:

  • Topping for Baked Potato Soup
  • Breakfast sandwiches (great if you have leftover Betty Crocker baking powder biscuits – made with bacon grease!
  • Topping for Chef Salad
  • Quick addition to breakfast
  • BLT, grilled cheese or other sandwiches
  • Pizza

How would you use your freezer bacon? Let us know! Collaborating over new food ideas is always a great thing…speaking from experience.

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