Scrambled So Good

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I am not sure about the validity of this statement, but I AM sure that it can be the most delicious meal. For breakfast on Saturdays after my long morning workout, I love to make myself a good scramble. I even tend to pass time during my workout thinking about all the good things that will be put on my scramble.

I start out my scramble with two eggs, butter and a cast iron skillet. After whipping up the eggs, they go in melted butter with salt and pepper to cook. Instead of scrambling the eggs, I leave them alone to cook into an egg pancake. Then I flip it.

A nice, buttery egg pancake

While the “pancake” is cooking, I cut up my vegetables. Throughout most of the year, the bulk of my vegetables consist of cut up purple cabbage. For variety, I will throw in some cut up onions and peppers. If I am lucky, mostly from June through September, there is zucchini and summer squash from our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Summers are the best because our refrigerator is full of an amazing variety of fresh, locally grown vegetables to cook up. For the better part of the year, cabbage does just fine.

Once the “pancake” is done cooking, I put it on a plate, add a little more butter to the skillet, and throw in the vegetables. While they are sauteing, I like to take an avocado and mash it on top of the eggs. Some of the time, for variety, I will melt cheese on the egg. Once again, if I am lucky enough to have some on hand, my favorite is to throw some roasted red pepper hummus on the eggs. If doubly lucky, I will have both an avocado and hummus on hand. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it).

A little mashed avocado for some good fats

If you don’t have the hummus for added flavoring, I have started to add Veracha, a vegetable sriracha, to my vegetables (An idea stolen from my brilliant wife). Vegetables then go on top of the egg. Time to eat!!

Veracha, a surprisingly good addition

While this does seem like a great breakfast, you could also have it for lunch, dinner, or a not-so-light snack. It is a meal that, in my book, can’t go wrong. It does not matter when you eat it, it hits the spot…speaking from experience.

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