A list of things to accomplish if stuck at home.

A list of things to accomplish if stuck at home

1a. Actually make some of the recipes/projects you have pinned on Pinterest.
-Only using ingredients/supplies you already have, of course. Good Heavens, do NOT go out in public because of these projects!

1b. Delete all of those Pinterest pins you will never actually do.
-Finally admit you are never actually going to use most of those pins. And be more selective about your pins going forward. It will be cleansing, I promise.

2. Go outside and do ANYTHING.
-All of that natural Vitamin D is good for your immune system, you pasty-faced office dweller.

3. Do some sort of exercise.
-Remember burpees? Do some. Or jumping jacks. Perhaps yoga (sun salutations, anyone?). Walk around your block a few times. Again, good for your immunity.

4. Those other people in your house? Put away your device and TALK to them.
-This is a time to be a human, not a zombie robot.

5. Play board games with said people in your house.
-Home alone? Learn different versions of solitaire. OOO! Or card tricks!

6. Wean yourself off of caffeine.
-I am not trying to say get rid of coffee entirely. Maybe just reduce your dependence down to 1 hands-worth of normal-sized cups a day. It will save you some serious cash during this time of What The Heck. Plus, you know you have been meaning to, anyway…

7. Write a children’s book.
-Collaborate with a housemate, if you want. The end result does not have to be anything publishable – really just looking for a fun collaboration here. If, however, you do happen to strike it rich with said book, we would not turn down a sponsor, as a thank you for the inspiration.

8. Go on vacation via your streaming service.
-We cannot travel in reality now, so take a “virtual reality” vacation instead via travel shows! I am partial to the Walt Disney World/Universal Studios content put out by TheTimTracker (YouTube), European vacations via Rick Steves (I swear his favorite word is “evocative”), and anything from Samantha Brown. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is pretty great, too.

9. Detox your body from deodorant/antiperspirant.
-Again, it is good for your body to clear out toxins without being blocked by deodorant. If you get stinky, so what? It is not like you should be around many people now, anyway. Pinterest probably has a lot of ideas of how to do this…

-A great “got nothing to do” activity…speaking from experience. 🙂

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