Journey to Real Food

So, we are well into the new year, and so many hard to achieve resolutions are broken by now. The guilty undercurrent of not following through makes you feel bad; even worse, if your resolution was about food, that bad feeling reoccurs at least 3 times a day (how did those Super Bowl snacks make you feel?). But why do we make these resolutions if we just end up feeling like failures? It is because we want to improve ourselves, right? Perhaps if your goal is to feel better, happier and healthier, you should forget about making a resolution. Stop thinking a big, general and immediate resolution to change. The journey to healthy eating comes instead from altering small habits, which eventually change your everyday decisions. Help encouraging those improved habits is found from Lisa Leake at 100 Days of Real Food.

Lisa Leake started the 100 Days of Real Food blog after seeing Michael Pollan on an episode of Oprah. Shocked by what she realized after watching that show, Leake set out to change her family’s overall eating habits by focusing on real food. Real food, as defined in her books and website, includes things such as: food in its natural state, produce, and 100% whole grains. Her family started noticing important improvements in their health after making their real food changes.

The great thing about 100 Days of Real Food’s healthier approach is the changes are not instant. There is no cold turkey. Little changes are introduced steadily. Gradually, 100 Days of Real Food‘s focus on small things that make a big impact helps to cut out processed food. These little steps then become normal, healthier habits.

There are a few ways 100 Days of Real Food helps to change eating habits. Leake outlines the original 7 rules her family used on their initial journey both online and in her books. Also, her website offers a Real Food Mini-Pledge Program to help people on their way. Admittedly, I have not seen or tried this for-purchase program. It does seem like a good way to help keep people accountable; plus, it offers many tools, along with a money-back guarantee. Finally, there are the 14 weeks of mini-pledges lined out in the book. Being a book gal, I am naturally drawn to this method. The book also includes great tips, ideas and recipes to help start that Real Food Journey.

Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food is very familiar with our friend Michael Pollan!

Declaring a resolution is a difficult way to lead to real life improvements. Committing to a journey to real food is a different story. The genius of 100 Days of Real Food is outlining and encouraging concrete, gradual changes to thinking and habits. Making such a commitment is a wonderful way to improve your physical (and mental) health…speaking from experience.

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