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Two weeks ago, I posted about having doing something fun. Now, jumping in a frozen lake might not seem like “fun” to a lot of people, but perhaps that is because they have not tried it. If you have tried it, and still think it is not fun, try changing your mindset. What could be more fun than raising money to give some special athletes an opportunity to experience the wonders of sport? It is especially fun when you are taking the plunge for the Special Olympics.

Walking out to a large hole cut into a frozen lake sounds intimidating. But, the environment that Law Enforcement members (the group organizing these amazing events) sets up takes some of the anxiety away. Music starts blaring and there is a wonderful announcer hyping the jumpers. If you come to my jump, you may even run into everyone’s favorite weatherman. Best of all, there is this group of amazing people who are all ready to do the same crazy thing that you are.

If you hesitate to jump because the water is going to be cold, get over it! First, let me tell you…it is. Who cares? Think of it as invigorating. The water is shallow enough that you really only get your lower half wet if you don’t want to go all the way in (in fact, my principal is the LAST person you would expect to Plunge, but she has done it a few times and lived to tell the tale). After you hit the water, you run straight into a very warm tent to change. So you are really not uncomfortable for too long. Although, as you have learned from previous blogs, uncomfortable is good. There are no excuses!

Fuzzy image of my first plunge.

This year I will be participating in the Plunge set for March 7 in Eden Prairie, MN. Every year, just to add a bit more fun, I promise to cannonball into the water if I reach my fundraising goal. Fortunately, I have cannon balled every year! Normally, our school district has had a huge group that I have jumped with. Because of unbreakable plans, last year I jumped without a group. This year, I am the only one on my team right now, but I would love some company! Also, my wife (and co-blogger) has agreed that if I reach $500, she will jump with me. I never thought she would EVER agree to that! You can check out my donation page if you wish to help. (If she jumps, I promise to post some pictures.)

When you donate or jump, you raise money for an amazing cause. The impact is huge! There are videos all over the internet of challenged athletes getting a chance to participate with able bodied athletes in sports that may be unavailable to them otherwise. These videos show one athlete, on one team, who gets a chance. Organizations such as Special Olympics Minnesota give teams-worth of athletes a chance to experience these life-changing events. If you can’t make it to Eden Prairie on March 7, other events are available! The Plunging season is just getting started. You may feel cold, but the invigorating energy you get from taking the plunge will bring you back year after year – speaking from experience.

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