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Do you ever feel like you are going through life just doing the same-old same-old? (I know – I sound like the beginning of an infomercial. Bear with me) Get up. Go to work. Do the same job every day. It is time to bust out of that rut! Do fun things!! (Even if you are the only one doing them.)

Most of these were a sweet score at a garage sale. The purple and gold one was an awesome gift.

I work in an elementary school. By nature, fun and goofy things are widely accepted. Fun is good; fun is interesting. Two years ago, I tried to add a dose of something different into the week by starting Bow Tie Thursdays. Originally, I saw the idea of wearing a bow tie on an educational blog (there is no way I am clever enough to come up with that on my own), and thought it sounded fun. Trying to get the idea to catch on, I even left some spare bow ties in our lounge. One faculty member joined me, but she has moved on to a new district. “Who cares!” I say. I enjoy it regardless of who does it with me.

Look at the great gift #BowTieThursday inspired!

While I currently fly solo with the late week donning of the bow tie, people at the school still do seem to appreciate Bow Tie Thursdays. I get smiles as I walk through the hall, and get wished “Happy Bow Tie Thursday” a lot. I really think people appreciate the reminder that Friday is just around the corner.

Showing off the great patterns

You are welcome to join me in wearing bow ties on Thursday. In fact, let me know if you do. Maybe you can help it become a “thing.” You don’t have to get a bow tie to do something fun, though. Find something that works for you. Break through the monotony. Add a smile and a little variety to your life. Things are better when you add a little fun – speaking from experience.

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