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Back in 2012, Life Time Fitness came up with a great idea. On January 1, 2013, they were going to hold a “Commitment Day” event. In locations across the United States, there would be 5k races with the idea that people would commit to a healthier year. I thought it was a great way to begin a new year, and wrangled my father into signing up with me. Little did we know that the temperature would be around -10 that morning. We bundled up, did the run and had a good time. Commitment Day is still going, but now is more than just a 5k. It is a week’s worth of activities designed to inspire people to start the year off with positive action. This year, I challenge you to make be committed, not make a resolution.

According to Forbes, less than 25% of people stick to their resolutions after 30 days and only 8% actually accomplish them. Since the odds of sticking to a resolution are so low, how about trying something different this year. Try committing to something instead. When making a resolution, most people choose something that is easy to let slide. Commit to something that makes you better.

When you do commit to something, make a goal. In my classroom we talk about SMART goals. Make your goal something Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. By making your commitment “SMART,” you have laid out a plan to get there. A simple resolution might be “I want to be healthier.” Weak! Commit to something specific to make you healthier. Might I suggest trying a triathlon (they are really fun)? Put one on your calendar for this summer and work toward getting in shape to finish the race. Your commitment does not have to be a triathlon, of course, but do take some action. Put something on your calendar, maybe even do something that requires a fee. If you are cheap like me, you won’t want to lose that money.

It is not so much about what you choose, it is about how you view it. Start this year by trying to be better than you were in 2019, whatever that means to you. A simple way to start is a strategy Jon Gordon has called “One Word.” Choose one word that is going to be your focus for the year. Maybe you will choose SERVE, HEALTH, GRATITUDE, or PURPOSE. Define what it means to you and how you can make it your focus.

While I won’t be out freezing my butt off running a 5k, I have made my goals and chosen my one word for 2020. Whatever 2020 brings for you, I wish you the best. I hope it is better than 2019, no matter how good 2019 was. Don’t be in the 75% who fall short of something they feel is important at the start of the year. Be committed to something will help make 2020 amazing…speaking from experience.

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