Find Joy (& quit whining)

Today is a day where many people have high expectations. Whether they expect a particular gift, food, deed or event, they feel they deserve something from today. If you feel that way (about today or any day, really), it may be time to change your attitude. Rather, I challenge you to find some joy today.

Why do we set ourselves up for disappointment by putting pressure on a day? Why do we put expectations on events and others to make us feel good, to feel loved? That is setting us up for failure. Expecting outside events to validate us, to rely on them to make our day great is so silly. No day, thing or person should have to cater to you and your idea of acceptable (or, worse, perfect). Instead, find those little things that really brighten the day, that add that sparkle. Because it really is the little things that make a difference in life.

Does this mean you have to be a Pollyanna? Short answer – YES! Maybe not be so happily optimistic and bright-side seeing that even the most patient people fantasize about punching you in the throat, but it will not hurt to change your attitude. Instead of seeing what is difficult or negative, alter your perspective to see what is good or positive. Everyone has twenty-four hours everyday to choose what they want to do and how to react. It is up to all of us to choose wisely during that time. Choose to find joy.

Quit whining. Quit the excuses. Change your attitude. Take responsibility for yourself, your life, your joy. It is up to no one else but you. Is it that easy? Well, for most people, yes it is. Once you realize that and accept it, your world opens up, your perspective changes and you will be happier for it…speaking from experience.

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