Break Out the Better Bubbly

There are times where plain water just won’t do. It is at those times that I call upon one of my favorite gifts I have ever received (thank you Kari!), my Sodastream. I get a nice, tasty, refreshing drink and I save the cost of continuously purchasing packaged drinks with ingredients I cannot pronounce.

I used to have a “pop problem.” Every morning was started with a Diet Mountain Dew. Thinking back on that, I don’t know how that even tasted good. I would buy my 24 pack each month, plus I would buy bottles to fill my afternoons. Despite their recyclability, I can’t believe how much packaging I went through.

Now that I have thoroughly kicked my pop habit, I have found this healthier way to find refreshment. I started by using fruity drops to make the bubbly water taste like the sparkling water you can purchase in the store. I have started to satisfy my sweet-tooth by using SweetLeaf Water Drops (Tropical Punch is my favorite), and SweetLeaf Vanilla Cream Stevia drops for a great cream soda flavor. Using the SweetLeaf products allows me to know, and pronounce, all the ingredients I am putting into my body.

Aside from knowing what I am putting into my body, the Soda Stream has allowed me to cut down the packaging I use. The liter bottles are washable. The canisters of carbon dioxide make up to 60 bottles. Once you finish a canister, it can be returned to Target and a refilled canister can be purchased. All those bottles, cardboard boxes, and plastic holders are no longer going to the recycling or landfills.

I could drink bottles upon bottles of bubbly goodness, but have to hold back. Constantly using the Sodastream would still wear on the pocketbook. Using it just as a treat has helped me to save money and save natural resources. It is my go-to when plain water does not sound appealing- speaking from experience.

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