Hurts So Good

Race after race I would be closing out the run worried that the twinge in my legs would turn into full blown cramps. I would feel a little tingle about halfway through the run. By the time I neared the end, every step was a nervous one. There was one race that I had to walk a few steps on the run to let the cramps pass, only to have my legs completely lock up when I crossed the finish line. I needed to do something to get this trend to stop.

After doing some research, I found that using a foam roller on my legs was supposed to help keep the cramps at bay. Willing to give it a try, I made a quick trip to Target and got myself a roller. I started by rolling my legs every night during race week to see if that helped. Luckily, this initial commitment got rid of my twinges during runs – no more cramping!

After a couple of years, my roller started to wear out, getting soft in the middle where I used it. Luckily, I was soon at a triathlon where a company was letting people test their new type of roller. It had an odd shape, and came in three different densities. The guy said the one I tried could be run over with a car and still hold its shape. With a price tag of $20 (now selling for $40), I could not resist. Many years later, that roller still looks just like it did when I bought it.

The odd shape of the Rollga roller is designed for the many functions it can perform. The curves are great for rolling the calves. The top is great for the quads, and the middle bumps are perfect for rolling the spine. Nothing feels better than making my spine sound like popcorn every night before I go to bed.

This Rollga roller has been a lifesaver! Still looking brand new after at least 3 years of use

This roller has stood up to the durability test. It also helps my legs endure the training load needed to race successfully. Rolling my spine helps me so much I no longer go to the chiropractor! With all the good things this roller does, I now do it every night, not just race week. The results keep me feeling great every day, whether racing or not..speaking from experience.

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