Sometimes you try – a poem

Sometimes you try, you have great ideas,
So many swirling about in your head.
Sometimes you try, ignore all your fears,
And type without feeling that dread.

Sometimes you try, then decide for the week
That what your readers will see.
Sometimes you try to learn SEO like a geek,
But sometimes it is not meant to be.

Because sometimes you try, but if being told right,
Did not plan as far ahead as you should,
Sometimes you try and work hard through the night
And come up with something quite as good.

Then sometimes you try and finish it all,
Happy with the results you be!
Finished your try, hearing bed make its call,
But “Saving”, it keeps thwarting thee.

Sometimes you think you could remake the lot
After discovering that autosave is a jerk.
But sometimes you know that your memory is shot,
Even though hours of time you did work.

Sometimes you try, to avoid a big worry
To rush off a sentence or two
And explain for you all, without feeling much fury,
That a poem is the best I could do.

Sometimes you try to send something out
That’s informative, great and new,
That makes you sound brilliant, give you some clout
And hopefully resonates with your crew.

So, here I must say, sometimes things do not go
Exactly the way that you plan.
But happy I am to know that YOU know
That no one is a perfect woman.

Sometimes we try and things do not go
Exactly as we would like them to seem.
But lucky for me I have help on my side,
A really great working team.

So sometimes you try to fix the whole lot
Hoping to not sound too dense
It makes you feel better, even if the original is shot.
I should know…speaking from experience.

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