Objects Are More Delicious Than They Appear

For the better part of my life, I would take one look at an avocado and go running the other way.  As my son put it, an avocado looks like “an alligator pear.”  How could anyone eat something that looks like that on the outside and is green on the inside?  Recently, having matured a bit (my wife just scoffed at that), I have made the avocado my go-to food.

There are your standard ways people use this food.  Guacamole is what most think of when considering an avocado as a food choice.  (When I don’t have all the ingredients for guacamole, I just mash an avocado and throw in some salsa.)  It is used on sandwiches.  It is good on salads as well.

I do have a few favorite ways to use the “alligator pear.”  My favorite is to take a whole avocado and mash it with peanut butter, honey, cocoa powder, ground flax seed, and Trader Joe’s Organic Vanilla Pea Protein Powder.  It ends up as a brown paste.  It is great on toast, wrapped in a cabbage leaf, or just by itself.  This is a great breakfast after a workout as the healthy fats in the avocado keep me full longer.

A second way that I love to use this fruit is to mix it in my scramble.  I take two eggs and scramble them.  Instead of scrambling them into little chunks like normal scrambled eggs, I let them form an egg pancake.  I mash an avocado and spread that on top of the eggs,  then  sauté cabbage, onions, peppers, zucchini, or whatever good vegetables are available.  I put the vegetables over the avocado and egg.  This is an especially great breakfast when we have vegetables from our local farmer’s market.

A third place I use avocados is in my race morning breakfast smoothie.  I am not going to disgust you now with the ingredients in this smoothie (maybe in a future post!), but it does the trick for me.  I finish this smoothie two hours before my triathlon and have never had any stomach distress on the course.  The avocado fat helps give me long lasting energy to complete my races and compete well.

While I hate to admit that I judged the fruit by its looks, I am glad I finally gave it a try.  This versatile fruit helps make my lunch and breakfast choices easy.  The next time you happen by the avocado stand at your local grocer, just remember that all things don’t taste as odd as they look…speaking from experience.


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