DANCE PARTY!!! Simple fun rocks!

When our chitlins were young, I would sometimes be made to entertain them by myself (parenting – bah!).  While it was always tempting to encourage them to go off and play together, at times guilt would override laziness, and we would do something as a group.  Out of those times came the event that we all know and love – Dance Party.

Many people have their own version of Dance Party, and they are probably awesome.  In fact, I can almost guarantee that these are amazing, memory-making rituals that are cherished by all who participate.  Of course, I happen to think that my version of Dance Party has a bit of an edge in the awesomeness department because instead of letting the kids choose their favorite music, I choose the tunes.  It is like living in the world’s best mixed-tape.

Artwork specially commissioned to depict our Dance Party scene; artist rendering is more disco-themed then the reality. By The Older Child, used with permission.

Dance Parties are easy affairs to curate – you need music and space.  That is it.  Anything else is just sprinkles.  Our preferred music source is the YouTube app through our TV, because then the kids are exposed to the lost art of music videos.  Culture is important in our house, you see.

We have a rule that everyone must Shake It while experiencing the Dance Party.  Our Dance Party Experience usually lasted 30 to 45 minutes, which is long enough to wear us out without exhausting us.  They are a great way to get people moving, have fun together, and can have the awesome side effect of getting your kids to love your preferred music…speaking from experience.

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