There is a restaurant with locations in St. Joseph and St. Cloud, MN, that has cookies I would go out of my way to get.  I would literally take the long way around the campus of school and walk an extra four or five blocks to get a couple of cookies as I went back to my apartment.  That is how good those cookies are.  I am not a cookie expert, but I have had a few in my day and these are at the top of my list.  They are so thick that you need a glass of milk to help them go down.  Then something unfortunate happened; I graduated and moved far, far away from my cookies.

As luck would have it, my wonderful wife brought home a cookbook from the library called The No Meat Athlete.  This book contained a recipe for something called “Calorie Bomb Cookies.”. The title intrigued me so I made batch.  I took the first bite and was transported back to those long walks home from class.  They tasted just like the cookies I loved!  The good exception is that I know these are made with real, not processed, ingredients.  While the cookies from the restaurant were filling, these are a meal.

As I have made these cookies again and again, I have made a few modifications that still leave the great taste.  I use Namaste Perfect Flour Blend gluten free flour instead of whole wheat flour; cut the sugar from one cup to half a cup (because the recipe contains bananas, a whole cup of sugar made them a bit too sweet);  double the water because the Namaste likes to really soak liquid up.  I also play around with the extra ingredients; sometimes I add raisins, chocolate chips, walnuts, or a combination of the three.  Sometimes, when I have used up all of these ingredients, I keep my cookies plain and they are still good.

I am a snacker, a grazer even.  When I am teaching, I have a hard time making it through the morning without my stomach rumbling so loud it interrupts my lessons.  These cookies stop that.  They satisfy my sweet tooth while filling me up at the same time.  Other cookies will satisfy the sweet tooth, but then I will crash when the sugar high wears off.  With the good fats and the lower sugar content, these cookies help me burn good fuel all morning.  I make it all morning, especially mornings where I have had an early workout, and not have a crash before lunch…speaking from experience

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