My Windex

The patriarch in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding thinks that Windex is a miracle product.  Any ailment, any problem, squirt some Windex on it (and he always had some around!), problem solved.  I always thought that part of the story line, while cute, was a bit odd.  Windex as a cure all?

People, my lotion is my Windex.

A while back I got tired of always needing to run up to Target to pick up little somethings.  It did not matter how well I planned the shopping list, or how closely I paid attention to our supplies, something would evade my notice and we would suddenly be out of an essential.  An hour and $50 later, we would be back from Target with the one thing we needed, and several other things that were usable but would eventually need to be disposed of.  What a waste of time, money and precious resources!  So, in an effort to conserve, I started making some of our consumables.

Lotion was the first consumable that I made and stuck with.  Toothpaste, laundry detergent, shampoo and others have been tried, tweaked, and tried again, but the lotion formula I use was perfect from the beginning.  It is moisturizing, customizable, portable and lasts a long time.

I like this recipe because it is SIMPLE.  No measurements to remember, and because the ingredients can be used in so many of our other consumable recipes (such as this deodorant), we always have them on hand.

Equipment I use:

-Saucepan and Pyrex measuring cup (or double boiler)
-Silicone spatula
-Digital Scale or measuring spoons/cups
-Mold of some sort (I usually use silicone muffin liners like these, which are nice to store the lotion in, also)
-Container to put molds in before filling (optional)
-Essential oils* (optional)

To make, mix equal parts of:

BeesWax (Beeswax pellets/pastilles/pearls/granules are easier to measure out and faster to melt)
Shea Butter
Coconut Oil

-If you have a digital scale, measure out equal weights of each item.  If you do not have a digital scale, measure with measuring spoons/cups.  Measurements do not have to be perfectly equal to work.
-Put everything in your Pyrex/double boiler to melt.  Stir together, then pour into the molds.  If using essential oils, ideally mix in before pouring into the molds.  Let cool and harden.

We use these lotion bars for everything.  Skin dry or itchy?  Use some lotion.  Winter weather hurting your face?  Lotion.  Lips chapped? Here is some lotion.  Got a cut or burn?  Get the lotion.  Bug bite?  Put some lotion on it.  Want a light perfume?  Go get the lotion with essential oil in it.  Need to give someone a little gift?  Wrap up a lotion bar in pretty fabric or paper.  You get the picture.

Maybe everybody has their own Windex, their own thing that is infinitely useful in their lives.  Lotion bars are my essential item, the thing I would not want to live without, sitting all over the house to prevent my lips from drying out…speaking from experience.

*NOTE: if using essential oils, be aware that citrus oils can make the skin very sensitive to burning in the sun

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