Not Your Average Cup of Joe

I am a creature of habit (Big shock for those who know me.). Years ago, my habit was to have oatmeal every morning for breakfast.  EVERY SINGLE MORNING, no variation whatsoever.  Then my lovely children started to show signs of allergies.  In order to try to figure out what was causing the symptoms, we tried the Whole 30 elimination diet for a month (and by we, I mean my wife made everyone eat Whole 30-based meals for that month.  She took away my sugar!).  If you are familiar with that diet, or even if you are not, out goes my oatmeal for breakfast.

I had heard about Dave Asprey and his “Bulletproof Coffee.”  After feeling good when having yak butter tea in Tibet, he came up with the recipe to help himself get back in shape after his health started to take a hit.  The information I read made this sound like an interesting choice to replace my oatmeal.

I have never been a coffee fan, but I thought I would try it.  To make my version of the recipe, I brew three cups of coffee, put in 2 Tablespoons of grass-fed butter and coconut oil then use an immersion blender to mix it all up.  I tried to mix it with a spoon, but the ingredients separated and did not taste good.  I also found that a few drops of flavored stevia sweetens it a bit.  My latest adjustment is to cold brew the coffee overnight and melt the butter and oil in a pan before blending.

I have a tremendous sweet tooth and love snacking.  The great benefit of this type of coffee is that it helps you stay full for long periods of time.  The healthy fats in the coconut oil and grass-fed butter stave off cravings and help keep energy levels constant.  I do not feel the need to have a morning snack any time I have this coffee for breakfast.

One of the things this coffee is supposed to help with is sustained energy during workout, so I tried that out one morning.  I got very shaky and had to take frequent breaks, and determined after just that one workout this was not a great pre-workout drink for me.  I do, however, still drink this on days when I don’t exercise.  I really like the way it helps me on those recovery days.  I think part of the recovery benefits come from the healthy fats, but another part comes from the fact that I am not putting any snacks in my body to spike my blood sugar and create inflammation.

While I am still not a huge coffee fan, I do really like the feeling I get from my coffee breakfasts.  There are some in the health community who say that the levels of saturated fats are too high.  All I know is that my beat-up body enjoys a good recovery day that starts with a large jar of coffee.  Speaking from experience.

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