My Genie Bottle

You want me to fill a bottle that looks like a genie should live in it and shove it up my nose?  Then you want me to tip my head so that the water comes shooting out my other nostril?  Then do it again to the other side?  “Sure, sounds like fun!” said no one EVER.

That was my reaction to my wife’s suggestion of using a neti pot to help with my allergies.  I started having allergies to whatever pollen is in the air from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  It would be like clockwork.  From the end of May to the beginning of July, my eyes would itch, my nose would run, and I would sneeze.  I went to the doctor to get medication to help.  It would work somewhat well, but I didn’t like the idea of having to drug myself to survive the first month of summer.  Then came that disgusting suggestion.

Using the neti pot really takes some getting used to.  You have to make sure the salt and water is the right mixture; too much of each and it stings.  I use a 1/8 teaspoon scoop and heap the salt on.  You have to make sure the water is the proper temperature; too hot or cold and it is uncomfortable.  I run the tap until the water is fairly warm, but not hot.  If you don’t close your throat, you swallow the saltwater.  Once you get the system all worked out, it works like a charm! (Get it?…genie bottle-charm)

Before I started using the neti pot, I would have a lot of miserable days.  My eyes would itch so bad that I would put a wet washcloth on them just for some relief.  I would be at Memorial Day parties and sit in the corner to not bother everyone else there with the sneezes I was trying to fight off.  While the neti pot may sound a bit disgusting, I no longer need to hide in a corner or under a washcloth.  The slight, and I mean SLIGHT, annoyance of shooting water out your nostrils does not even compare to the relief that you can get.

Since I have started using the neti pot, I still have some days where the pollen wins.  Those days are very rare, though.  The neti pot has saved me from a month of discomfort and medicine.  Once you get over how things look, allergy season can improve a lot.  Speaking from experience.

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