Never stop learning!  One of my favorite places to get information is from podcasts.  There are so many out there that you can find one that fits your passion.  There are many that I listen to regularly and a few that I selectively pick episodes based on their content.

My go to, number one, absolutely favorite podcast is from Ben Greenfield Fitness.  He puts himself through many physical tests, races, and other health situations (extreme cold or heat) to give his listeners an experienced opinion on countless health topics.  I have learned about nutrition and training techniques for races and for personal wellness.  He also has “hacks” (sorry to my wife for using that term) for being more efficient in a variety of areas of life.  If fitness is your thing, this podcast is a great listen.

For a pure exercise standpoint, the Better Humanology podcast from Garage Gym Athlete is fabulous.  He starts every interview with a fitness challenge, book recommendation, and mental toughness challenge.  His interviews with professionals and “regular” athletes are great for getting information on exercise.  The podcast is now starting to branch out into the world of nutrition.  It is a good listen as well.

If you are looking for a third well-rounded podcast, the Rich Roll Podcast is a good one.  He interviews people from the plant-based community as well as others.  Rich Roll is an endurance athlete at hear, but his interviews cover a variety of topics.  Out of all the podcasts I listen to, he is probably the best prepared host.  Some of his podcasts do get a bit lengthy, almost two hours in length.

Learning more on a topic can be easy thanks to the podcast world.  Podcasts are a great way.  Find your passion, search for related podcasts, and download to listen anywhere at your convenience.  Podcasts are a great way to get some new information.  Speaking From experience.

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